monday, november 18th 2002 [13:25:26]

I walk and I walk
( don cherry )
avenue b avenue c...

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I'm falling thru the holes...

wednesday, november 13th 2002 [18:19:41]

...between the atoms,
and it's a bit scary but not unpleasant.
I remember reading about some scientists
who became totally aware of the fact that :
matter is a lot of atoms bouncing around
& even more emptiness in between,
and they would almost see it around them
& had to fight the fear of going thru floors & walls.
awareness gives you a different perception
connections are visible
undercurrants are overwhelming

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thursday, november 07th 2002 [16:49:27]

I turned on 7th av and was almost blown away,
reminded me of a windy night in Montevideo.
I was seven & my mother & I were walking back home along the rambla.
I was wearing my navy blue cape (!!) & holding to her hand & I just took off.
I've been remembering a lot of sunken stuff lately... hope it means I'm reconnecting with my inner self,
& not that I'm going to DIE

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new york

tuesday, november 05th 2002 [08:32:41]

sunny and cold and it feels like home
sunshine red bricks brown bricks hudson river
my other river my other bed my other plant my other love

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riverside, paris

friday, november 01th 2002 [11:17:36]

riverside, paris
premier novembre de rivière grise et verte et un vent mou m'enveloppe ainsi que mon île
dans 48hs je regarderai un autre fleuve

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